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6 Good Reasons to Do Regular Power Washing on Your Home

A home’s exterior is the first thing people notice about your property, and a dirty one can leave a negative first impression on visitors and passersby. Not keeping a clean outdoor space can negatively affect your curb appeal. It can also encourage dangerous mold and mildew growth and damage the exterior, leading to costly repairs and health issues. 

Fortunately, now’s the perfect time to right the wrongs and clean your home’s exterior with power washing. This method involves using pressurized water without chemicals to clean the dirty surface. Also, you can do this yourself with a power washer or hire a professional company. 

If you’re ready to improve your house’s appearance and maintain its value, this article will explain why regular power washing can benefit your home. 

1. Eliminate Mold and Algae

If you notice any green or dark spots on your home’s siding, it could be mold or algae growing on the surface. While it usually happens when there’s nearby vegetation, like trees or branches, it can occur anywhere. Besides being unsightly, these organisms can cause severe health issues in those with sensitive respiratory systems. They can also pose slipping hazards to visitors and passersby. 

You can effectively clean without damaging your home through power washing. Unlike cleaning with soap, water, and a broom, pressurized water can remove the growth from tiny pores on the building surface and is unlikely to return once washed away. 

2. Boost Curb Appeal 

The accumulation of dirt and grime can detract from your property’s overall appearance. One of the best ways to restore your home’s visual appeal and make it more attractive to others is through power washing. You’ll be astonished by the transformation when you eliminate the unsightly buildup on your home’s exterior. And speaking of which, we recommend taking before and after pictures while you’re at it!

3. Deter Pests

Regardless of your home exterior’s size or design, all homeowners wouldn’t want to see pests in their outdoor space. They’re gross, cause fear, and bring diseases. Unfortunately, that happens when your home’s exterior is dirty. You can enjoy a pest-free property by scheduling regular power washing. 

This safe but effective technique can help eliminate pests from your house by removing them from crevices, revealing gaps that need patching, and washing away droppings and webs. It also discourages pests from making gaps in their home and removes algae that attract insects.

4. Increase Home Value

Being a responsible homeowner means learning to increase and maintain a high home value. This step is especially essential if you sell your property later on. Besides scheduling renovations or remodels, you can make it more appealing and cleaner by organizing regular power washing. 

When you power wash your home’s exterior, you can easily spot and fix the problems. This method is also incredibly beneficial when selling a home because it can save potential buyers time and money and make the property more attractive.

5. Prepare Surfaces for Updates 

Whether planning a painting or refinishing project on your home’s exterior, you must first clean the surface to get the best results. One of the best ways to do this is to schedule a thorough power washing. This powerful, safe cleaning method helps remove any particles stuck on the surface and ensures that the painting or staining process goes smoothly. Also, it allows you to inspect the surface and identify any problems that may require repairs, like holes or nests. 

6. Enhance Safety

Slippery surfaces around your home can be dangerous, especially for children and older adults. Fortunately, power washes can enhance safety by removing algae and mildew that make surfaces slippery. 


Power washing is best known for being a safe and effective way to increase your home’s appeal and enhance safety significantly. You can enjoy these benefits using a reliable power washer or hiring a reputable company. 

If your home needs professional power washing in Larchmont, let MM Services help! We offer superior but affordable cleaning services to make your outdoor space safer and more attractive. Contact us now!

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