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Careers At MM Services

”A dedicated, organized and enthusiastic individual, who is a bit of a “peoples person”, with great passion and drive for providing cleaning services of the utmost quality and value, with commitment and consistency, has humility and can navigate through uncertain situations like a pro!”
Hey, Does This Sound Like You? Then, Keep On Reading Because We’re Hiring!

What Are We All About?

MM Services is passionate about people! Since 1995, MM Services has worked closely to pair clients with the right people to care for their business and provide excellent cleaning and janitorial services, with unbeatable value and quality customer services. We are focused on consistency and providing better quality of life, and we need people just like you, to help us achieve our mission!
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Best cleaning service for your office and house

What Do We Stand For?

Four words: Consistency, Safety, Customer Service and Commitment.

There might be a lot great cleaning businesses out there, but what sets us apart is our dependability! We work really hard to ensure that the services we provide have impeccable value and quality – since we have all that under control, excellence just follows!

We emphasize over the safety of our people, clients and let’s not forget, the environment.

Not only that, we expect our people to follow suit, by exhibiting integrity, personal development, respect and commitment – commitment to your work, our organization, and most importantly, a commitment to your own personal success!

Providing out standing services at a competitive rate.
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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to help all those who walk through the doors of MM Services, and provide unmatchable and customized cleaning services, provided by our trained staff, best quality products and efficient equipment, that will keep all their needs, squeaky clean!
Here comes the good part! We care about our people and their wellbeing matters to us, after all, there is no US without THEM.
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We offer great supplemental insurance

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ExcellentExcellent working conditions and environment

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Paid Time Off (Vacation or Sick)

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Superb quality and up to date equipment

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Equal opportunity for everyone – we don’t discriminate here!

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You’re safe with our anti-harassment policies

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A drug, smoke and alcohol free work environment

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Extremely reasonable and manageable working hours

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So Are You Up For It?

Let us know! Have a look at all our open jobs and apply today!

We can’t wait to work with you!

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